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Amazing Improvements in the Remodeling of Bathrooms

Whenever a bathroom gets renovated, it allows the home to have an updated style, increases the home’s value and allows it to become well adapted to the needs of you and your family. The ideal way to create the necessary improvements would be to allow the bathroom to have a wonderful renovation that will allow it to make the necessary improvement that can serve you as well as your family in the following years.

In case you want to spend money for a bathroom to become remodeled this year, take into consideration Hudson Remodeling Contractors for any of these necessary changes so you can improve the bathroom’s comfort, storage, and functionality.

Let the Shower Floor have Small and Textured Tiles

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When it comes to the remodeling of a bathroom you may have numerous choices in tiles, walls and flooring. In order to promote safety inside the shower, it is vital to choose the recommended floor tiles.

Make sure to choose shower tiles that are small and textured. Whenever there is extra grouting and texture, the feet will refrain from slipping whenever the floor becomes wet and soapy. A lot of tiles for the bathroom can easily be cleaned and they utilize grouts that are capable of resisting stain, humidity, and mold.

Tiles that are porcelain and ceramic can provide numerous possibilities in decoration and style. You can have various colors and patterns mixed and matched so you will achieve the best visual impact that could definitely be more than the harmonious appearance that is often understated.

Add A Hidden and Low-Flow Tank Toilet

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Toilets may have tanks that are hidden and mounted within the wall. This vessel for the storage of water has several benefits that people should consider whenever they have a bathroom remodeled especially if it is small as the design can help save some space.

Sometimes referred to as the hidden cistern toilets, these hidden-tank toilets can allow people to save the needed space and have models in low-flow that assist in saving water whenever it gets flushed. This is a great choice as it is capable of increasing the value of any home after it gets remodeled. These can be highly appropriate for any bathroom style and they can fit well with any contemporary or modernized decorations. However, you need to become aware that it may be difficult for this to undergo maintenance routinely as it may be difficult to access the tank whenever the inner workings are in need of attention.

The tank-less toilet has another style that utilizes a pressure valve like the ones that are usually found in public bathrooms and in commercial settings. However, these kind of toilets often give the bathroom a feel that is somewhat industrialized as they can be really noisy.

Only Install A Tub When You Plan To Have A Bath In It

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People oftentimes have a tub installed in their bathroom because they think it is necessary. Even if this is the case, it is not recommended especially if they don’t take a bath very often. Real estate professionals usually argue about the importance of a bathtub because it can provide a great appeal to any possible buyer in comparison to a shower only. However, this may not be applicable for the existing buyers. The main concern of people should revolve on how they plan to use the room in the future. In case having a bath is what you love to do, you may include this in remodeling. However, whenever you don’t take a bath very often it would be better to have a bigger shower installed in its place. Big bathtubs are only appealing for people who have kids. In case the home already has a family bathroom that includes a bathtub, you may no longer put a bathtub in the master bathroom.

In case your home has a big bathroom, you may include both without the need to worry about space. However, whenever you need to choose, it is recommended to go with what can be functional for the home. This may mean that you should not include the bathtub in your plans.

Use 2-inch Drain Pipes for Plumbing 

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Here is an improvement that may be invisible and small but could make a significant difference in the bathroom’s functionality.

Typically, the drain plumbing of the bathroom should have a pipe with a diameter of 1.25 to 1.5 inches and is made of PVC plastic. This kind of drain pipe may easily clog especially if there are several members of the family that use the same bath or shower. The installation of a drain with a diameter of two inches may have the same cost but it can make dramatic improvements in the quality of the bathroom’s drainage.

Create Lighting Improvements

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Since bathrooms often have the tendency to access the natural light minimally, there is often a need for great lighting. Whenever you plan for a Bathroom Remodeling Yonkers NY, always consider the addition or changes to your existing lighting so there will be improvements in the mood and functionality of the space.

The initial change in lighting that is needed is that the main lights must become dimmer. Whenever you love taking a bath, you don’t think that having a leisurely bath with artificial light may not be great. You can set yourself in the right mood by having a dimmer light.

In order for you to get the best possible lighting whenever you need to apply on make-up, shave, or have your hair done, it is recommended to include recessed fixtures all around the mirror.

When it comes to the shower, it would be best to add lighting inside the shower instead of around it. You will eventually discover that the shower can be safer and more pleasant whenever it gets properly lighted.

Add a Recessed Medicine Cabinet

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You can have a sleeker look and additional space for storage whenever there is a medicine cabinet that is recessed above the vanity. If you have it installed several inches within the wall, you may eventually be able to save some space that will allow your bathroom to appear more modern and sleeker. It may not cost a lot to add an additional job in wall framing when it comes to the full renovation of a bathroom.

This can be really useful whenever the vanity is located on a side that is shallower. Through the use of the recess on the wall, you may provide yourself an added space so you can bend over the sink whenever you need to utilize it.

Include a Window in the Shower

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Humidity is among the clean bathroom’s worst enemies because it can stay trapped inside the space due to insufficient or terrible ventilation. Having natural ventilation is often the most recommended for ventilation so it would be best to install a good fan for the bathroom.

Aside from this, it would be great if you can add a window inside the shower because this can help the bathroom stay clean and become free of mildew and mold. Natural ventilation has always been effective especially whenever the bathroom door is left open after its use. The window is also beneficial as it provides the shower with natural light that can be great for beauty and safety.

Always discuss the window that you would like to have with your contractor or architect, and remember to consider the use of frosted glass so you can stay private and to have the sill sloping downwards in order for the water to avoid getting stuck.

Make Improvements and Have the Bathroom Remodeled

Remodeling the bathroom should allow it to become more stylish, have better functionality, and improve its efficiency. Whenever you plan for the kind of projects that you want to undergo for the improvement of the space, always consider the small but absolutely essential improvements.

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