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Getting Your Drywall from the Best Home Contractor in Yonkers and Westchester County NY

As the fastest growing home improvement and general contractor out of Yonkers and the Westchester County area in NY, we at Hudson Remodeling Contractors are known for our bar none quality in terms of home and property improvement services. Our staff of professional workers are not only experts in all aspects of home construction, but we make it a point to continually improve our skills through various training. We also compliment our skills by ensuring that we are equipped with the best tools and equipment in the business, making for efficient and well-crafted services and projects for you, our valued clients.

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Because of these, we at Hudson Contractors can guarantee the following for all our clients concerning our services:

  • Fully licensed, accredited, and insured for any construction project
  • Full-scale, comprehensive, and competent construction management
  • High quality work in both interior and exterior home and property improvement projects
  • Consistent excellence in customer service and satisfaction
  • Free on-site inspection, consultation, and estimate

All of these things come from a place of dedication and service for our community. In the past, many of our friends, family, and neighbors often complained about getting shoddy work from unprofessional contractors who cared more about getting paid than getting the job done well. In fact, we founded Hudson Contractors as a company to respond for our community’s clamor for a dependable, professional, and skilled construction contractor.

That is why we at Hudson Contractors are the best in the industry. Our team of craftsmen, roofers, technicians, installers, project supervisors, and engineers are some of the best in the business. Our wonderful people share in our dedication to give you the best services possible in the field of home improvement.

Part of our extensive repertoire of services is installing and repairing your home’s wall with the quality drywall materials.

Drywall is a layer of material, usually made of a mixture of gypsum and other materials, formed into a panel and placed over the underlying structure to become your home’s walls, and in some cases, your ceiling.

They are usually secured into the wall and ceiling beams using special screws. To hide these screws and the joints between the panels, a plaster coating is usually applied. After the plaster has dried, they are smoothed out using a sander. The whole project is then finished by either applying paint, or a coat of finishing compound to hide the seams and the drywall panels.

Why Drywall?

Drywall is heavily favored by builders and contractors in the United States because of several reasons which are ideal for the American home and homeowner.

Installation and Repair

As opposed to a solid wall like brick and mortar, drywalls are easier to set up. What may usually take around a week in building a wall will only require a few days for the same number of workers, given that they are professionals who have the proper tools and know what they’re doing.

Since drywalls are made up of panels, fixing a damaged drywall will only require removing and replacing the affected panel. In contrast, solid walls will probably need to be torn down entirely, which may compromise the structural integrity of your home. Time is also a factor here: as we mentioned before, drywall is much easier and faster to set up than solid walls.


As a construction material, drywall is much cheaper than what you’ll need to build a solid wall. Aside from that, setting up a drywall will need less manpower and time than what you’ll need to make a concrete wall.

Your heating bills can lower considerably too with drywall. Because they are great insulators, drywall can keep the cool in during warm months and help keep your home warm during cold weather.

Fire and Moisture Resistance

Because it’s made of gypsum, drywalls stand well against open flames. At the same time, water-resistant drywall can prevent moisture from getting trapped underneath the structure, which saves it from rot and water damage.

Drywall’s water resistance also means that it won’t be prone to mold and other types of fungi. This is important, since not only can fungi cause your home to rot, it can also pose several health hazards to your family. This way, both your home and your loved ones are kept safe.

If you’re thinking about setting up your home with drywall, or getting your present drywall fixed, why not have us at Hudson Contractors do the job for you. Our team of installers and technicians are experts in everything that involves drywall, and your can rest assured that the drywall you get from us will be beautiful, affordable, and durable. We offer excellent complete service for kitchen remodeling Yonkers NY, bathroom remodeling, basement remodeling, flooring and paint.

What is the purpose of drywall?

Drywall, also known as plasterboard or gypsum board, is a sheet of construction material used to create walls and ceilings. It is made of two sheets of heavy paper or fiberboard that are glued together and then covered with a layer of plaster. Drywall is a relatively inexpensive and easy-to-install material, making it a popular choice for both commercial and residential construction. In addition to its affordability, drywall also offers good soundproofing qualities, which makes it an ideal choice for bedrooms and other rooms where privacy is desired. While drywall is not indestructible, it is generally very durable and can withstand many years of wear and tear. For these reasons, drywall is an essential component of many homes and buildings.

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